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Lasers in Proctology

Surveys have proven that, according to public opinion, piles or haemorrhoids is probably the most common lifestyle ailment affecting both men and women at any age, especially in today’s environment.

Most patients are known to avoid surgical treatment because it is painful, time consuming and, worst of all, known to have a high recurrence rate. Many of the patients end up trying expensive alternative treatments but have found no relief, They seek solutions to their problems, mainly information about any bloodless, painless, non-invasive methods to treat their conditions. There is only one such method currently, and that is Laser Surgery.

Now the patients are well-informed about the use of laser devices to treat their conditions and almost demand to use the same for their case. This is not a very surprising situation because it means that your patients are eager to lead a better life, free from pain and discomfort.

If you really want to help more and more patients step towards a better life, start saying “Yes” to Laser surgery. Participate in this unique program designed by Lasotronix for ambitious practitioners like you.

What Are the Benefits for Patients Opting for Laser treatment?

  • Safe and simple procedure
  • Quick treatment session- Less downtime, less Pain and less, Bleeding
  • Quick result and High success rate
  • Outpatient Procedure
  • Easily accepted by patients.
  • Insurance Covered Procedure

Learn to Perform New Laser Procedure Quickly

Discover the secret behind successfully performing Laser treatment of Haemorrhoids and Fistula.

This unique program is perfectly designed for ambitious practitioners like you, who wish to help more and more patients achieve the most sought-after relief from proctological maladies.

Benefit for Doctors to Provide Laser Treatment ?

Why You should Join Laser Training by Lasotronix?

“Nothing is more satisfactory than learning, implementing, and accelerating your practice with a powerful new skill, in a time when there is heavy dependency on traditional procedures.”

And probably nobody other than Lasotronix offers a one-day, straight forward, know-it-all training program to arm you with a new skill without wasting any time.

Here is a chance for you to be among a chosen few smart sophisticated practitioners and establish yourself as a different, better, and more advanced medical practitioner.

Lasotronix training program for proctology trains you to perform a minimally invasive, faster healing and a cosmetically preferential treatment with much lesser post-operative problems and better results.

Unlike conventional surgeries which affect the anatomy of the rectum causing long term effects like incontinence or loss of bladder control, laser surgery eliminates any such side effects as it does not involve any incision or stitches.

What Will You Learn in This Workshop?

  • Know-it-all program: Packed with real live multiple cases, fundamentals, hands-on experience, technique, the Lasotronix training programs covers everything you need to confidently launch your new practice.
  • Experienced program: Successfully conducted several such programs and helped launch new practice of many of our closed doctor clients. Our testimonials page is proof enough why so many practitioners trust us.
  • Elite Mentor: Dr Kalyan Kar, a highly experienced practitioner and a master teacher, mentors this program. You will have a reliable and experienced partner known for exceptional delivery and exclusive training programs.
  • Advanced tactical lessons: Lessons from learning how to effectively perform laser procedure to marketing the procedure to attract and engage high quality patients.
  • Reduces learning curve: Whether you have several years of experience or have just started your practice, you can join the program as it is designed to give you tremendous knowledge and practical know-how.

Bottom line, this entire action program is design to transform your practice. We provide complete know-how of performing a highly effective Laser procedure by arming you with a new skill, conversion methods, to help create a unique image and beat your competition.

General Lecture

  • Complete practical guide to performing the laser treatment covering every detail related to the procedures. For example, power and frequency settings required to perform laser surgery.
  • Advantages and superiority of Laser over other surgical and non-surgical procedures.
    • Minimally invasive
    • Less painful
    • Faster treatment procedure
    • Lesser post-operative problems
    • Less risky.
  • Positioning the laser’s pilot beam exactly on haemorrhoids and fistula tract and gently removing it with precision.
  • Preserving the mucosa and sphincter structures to an extremely high degree.
  • Performing the homogenous photo-thermal destruction of the fistula tract with 360° energy emission by laser and ensuring safe closure.
  • Using laser technology to operate with higher accuracy, precision, and effectiveness.
  • Convincing your patient to invest in the laser treatment

Surgical Lecture

  • Planning a surgical case with laser (SOP for surgery)
  • Understanding the Laser settings and safety precautions to be taken during the operation.
  • Complete guide to Dos and Don’ts with the laser.
  • Interactive session with the mentor during the actual surgery.

You can minutely observe and ask relevant questions

  • Participating in the surgery to gain confidence over performing the surgery using the laser device.
  • Video Discussion Reference from past surgeries.

Benefits of the Laser Treatment for you as a doctor

  • Improved success rate of surgeries
  • Comparatively safer treatment with a low recurrence rate
  • Minimally invasive, cosmetically preferential procedure
  • No incision. No excision. No open wounds.
  • Faster recovery with less post-operative pain, bruising, and numbness
  • Procedure takes less than an hour
  • OPD procedure which can be performed under local anaesthesia
  • Minimal blood loss, pain, and trauma

Laser Training for Proctology details

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