What is lipolysis?

Lipolysis is the procedure of the breaking down the fats to reduce the volume of the fatty tissue. This process has similar benefits as other fat removal procedures.

As opposed to liposuction, where the fat is extracted out of the body through suction, lipolysis is a procedure where the excess fats are broken down into a form that can be discarded by the body.

At Eravio, we use Lasotronix Laser Smart M 1470 nm to perform the lipolysis procedure effectively.

Am I a candidate for Lipolysis?

It is important to note that the lipolysis procedure is not recommended for people suffering from obesity.

If you have a fairly good Body-Mass Index (BMI) with isolated pockets of fat on your body, then you can consider undergoing a lipolysis procedure. However, it is important for you to first discuss your expectations from the procedure and learn about its after-effects.

At Eravio Hospital, we have licensed surgeons who not only are experienced in their field but are also compassionate and friendly. We offer counselling to our patients, where we discuss the procedure at length and the care that needs to be taken, if we go ahead with it.

Why Laser Lipolysis at Eravio?

Experienced surgeons
Quick recovery
No scars, no blood, no infection
Minimally invasive

How is Laser Lipolysis performed?

The Laser Lipolysis procedure is a fairly quick and simple one. It has the following steps:

  • The doctor will mark the areas on the body where lipolysis needs to be performed.
  • The doctor will then inject local anaesthesia at the target area.
  • They will make a small incision into the target area and insert the laser diode moving it back and forth.
  • The radial fibre of the laser diode produces laser energy which produces a warm sensation (or maybe even a cold one).
  • The heat caused by the laser diode results in the melting of the fat cells which are later removed from the body by massaging them out.

Things you should know about Laser Lipolysis

Depending on the number of target areas and amount of fat in the target areas, the laser lipolysis procedure takes from 25 to 60 minutes.

Usually, it is possible for you to get up and return to your daily routine, immediately after removing the fat.

There is likely to be some minor bruising and discomfort after the procedure. Do consult the doctor to discuss the extent of physical activity you can perform.

Before the surgery, you must perform the following actions, as per the doctor’s instruction:

  • Stop any blood-related medication such as blood-thinners and anti-inflammatory drugs.
  • Avoid tanning, shaving or any skin-related activity that might hinder with procedure.
  • Inform the doctor of your complete medical history including all the medication you are under.

After the procedure, perform the following actions as per the doctor’s instruction:

  • Follow the medicine course.
  • Observe the surgery site for the smooth healing. Inform doctor in case of any abnormal developments.
  • Immediately after the procedure, arrange for a ride home to avoid any discomfort.
  • Follow up with the doctor after about a week.

The effect of the laser lipolysis depends on the individual expectations and the extent of the surgery. If you have been feeling tightness of skin, then you can conclude that the surgery has been a success.

However, while lipolysis may have given a new well-sculpted look, maintaining it is up to you. Maintain a healthy regimen of balanced diet and regular exercise to manage the weight and avoid gaining too much weight.

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