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What is Phimosis?

Phimosis is the condition when the foreskin covering the head of the penis too tight and cannot be retracted. This condition causes several issues with sexual intercourse and fertility. It is possible to detect a tight foreskin in children at a young age. The treatment for phimosis depends on the severity of the condition and the child’s age. The most popular option of treatment is laser circumcision which means gentle daily manual retraction or circumcision.

Eravio has a special team of experts can perform the foreskin removal or the laser circumcision procedure in a risk-free and effective manner.

Why Would One Need Circumcision?

But Phimosis is not the condition requiring laser circumcision. Apart from this and religious customs, there are many medical reasons why one may need to get circumcised:

  • Phimosis: Condition where the foreskin is not easily retracted from around the tip of the penis.
  • Paraphimosis: Condition where the foreskin may be retracted from the tip but may not return to its original position.
  • Balanitis: Common inflammation of the glans penis affecting at least 3-11% of men at any age.
  • Urinary Tract Infection (UTI): Recurring infection in the urinary tract occurring due to unusual bowel movements or urinary functions.
  • Trauma: Injuries to the foreskin due to zipper or other circumstances.
  • Preventive Action: Avoidance of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) and Penile Cancer.

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Why Eravio

Laser Circumcision at Eravio

The laser method of performing circumcision is painless as compared to other traditional procedures. That is why it has been considered to be safe for all ages. Also, laser circumcision being a no cut and bloodless treatment, it is also suitable for people suffering from haemophilia or have other blood-related disorders. [DD1]

At Eravio, we understand the cultural and religious significance of circumcision. We understand the complexity of the procedure and how it can be a concern for the families. Some of the best doctors in Mumbai perform the laser circumcision for new-born babies under completely hygienic conditions.

The entire procedure takes around 15 to 20 minutes and has quick recovery rate.

Advantages of Laser Circumcision

  • Safe and minimally invasive
  • Less pain and bleeding
  • Quick recovery
  • No hospital stay
  • Easier to clean the penis
  • Easier to avoid infection
  • Less prone to UTI

The Circumcision Stapler

At Eravio Hospital, we use a very specialised device called the Circumcision Stapler. The disposable circumcision stapler is a hand-held sterile device. This device consists of preloaded non-bioabsorbable skin staples to perform a circumcision. It is designed to cut the foreskin and apply one or many circular rows of staples close to the cut line.

The stapler portion of the device consists of a dome-like structure built to be inserted under the foreskin over the glans penis. The circular cutting stapler mechanism has a manual lever which connects over the out layer of the foreskin.

Advantage of Stapler Circumcision: Experience has proven that a circumcision procedure performed using the stapler has fewer complications than a conventional or Shang Ring circumcision, especially with respect to severe oedema and wound dehiscence.

The other advantages of the stapler circumcision are:

  • Short operative time
  • Minimal tissue injury
  • Lack of electrocautery
  • Lesser blood loss
  • Fewer post-operative complications

Things you should know

Before performing the circumcision, the doctor will place you under local anaesthesia. After the surgery, you will be under observation for 3 hours. Once declared well, you can walk home from the hospital. The circumcision procedure takes a maximum of 25 minutes.

Only a surgical circumcision requires lab tests. Laser circumcision does not require any blood tests. However, before going through with the procedure, you must consult with the doctor at Eravio. The consultation may eventually culminate into the circumcision project.

No, there is no age limit. Any male from a new-born to an older adult is eligible to undergo the procedure. However, minors – people under the age of 18 – require parental consent.

At Eravio, we assure you that after the procedure, you will be able to walk home. The immediate after effect is a slight discomfort, which will eventually subside.

For the first week after the surgery, we urge you to limit your physical activities to a low to moderate level, including exercise and sexual intercourse. You can resume your normal level of activity after 4 to 6 weeks.

To avoid any damage to the affected area, it is important to abstain from any sexual intercourse for 6 weeks or 45 days. After 6 weeks, you may perform sexual intercourse strictly with a condom. A condom will protect the healing wound from infection. It is important to use a condom for every instance of sexual intercourse, for the first month. After one month, you may resume having sex without a condom.

Yes, you will be awake and under local anaesthesia. The numbness from the anaesthesia makes it a painless procedure.

Usually, you will need a day’s rest after a surgical circumcision procedure. However, you need not miss out on your workday after undergoing a laser circumcision procedure.

No, there are no adverse effects. In fact, this procedure may improve your urination as it is performed to cure conditions like Balanitis and Phimosis.

The high and tight circumcision is one of the most desired looks preferred by male patients for when their penis is limp. This can be done by cosmetic circumcision .

No. As reported by many patients, there is no change in the sensitivity. Some other treatments do report an increase or decrease of sensitivity, but we haven’t received any such reports.

For the first few days, you may feel some discomfort or slight pain while having an erection. This is normal because of the healing process. However, there is no bleeding. The doctors at Eravio Hospital will prescribe a few painkillers to alleviate post-operative pain. Take the medicines as prescribed before going to bed in case you have an erection while asleep.

No. You can travel back to home after the post-operative observation period is complete. There won’t be any need to stay overnight.

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